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One minute of globally synchronised breathing a day

The world is invited!

If you can breathe, you can join! When people are breathing together, we are all connected on a most basic level. Breathing is essential. Breathing is high impact, low effort. Breathing is the very definition of life. Imagine how powerful it could be if the world came together in Breatholution!



Human connection through breathing is why we created the Breatholution app. A simple tool allowing people all around the world to breathe together for one minute and share a unique experience.


We are excited to be launching Breatholution soon. Sign up now to be part of our Beta testing group and get invited to our pre-launch events!

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Julia Dujmovits

Julia is an Olympic snowboard gold medallist, surfer and yoga instructor on a mission to make the world a better place. Julia co-founded ReMind Company to find her mindfulness and flow both as an athlete and entrepreneur.

The founders

Ben Hoffman

Ben is the founder of cityHUNT, a happiness fuelled engagement and team building company. The cityHUNT scavenger hunts have positively impacted the lives of over a million amazing humans.  He is passionate about making more awesomeness for others through the synchronicity of gamification,  positive psychology and consciousness. Let's make more awesomeness together!

Chris Rynning

Chris is a Norwegian investor, author and entrepreneur residing in Barcelona. A start-up expert, Chris co-founded ReMind Company to share both his success and failures in life and work.

Timmy Hise

Tim is the kick ass developer behind Breatholution, the one whose magic is making everything happen and look awesome. Beyond a seasoned technology developer, entrepreneur and technology executive, Tim has been on a deep journey of mindfulness, yoga and breathing exercises for the last few years. 


How it all came about

One night on Necker Island (in the Caribbean Ocean) Julia had the feeling that the ocean, the sky and the trees were breathing with her while meditating on the beach.


From this Julia imagined that the whole world would could come together to breathe for one minute a day. That is the simple, yet powerful idea behind Breatholution.


Life begins and ends with a “breath”. Breathing is life, the one thing we all need. Breatholution connect people all over the world through breathing together. Come breathe with us. The world is invited.